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Cleaning and maintaining your property interiors and exteriors enhances your face to the world, and helps you save considerably on long-term repair and repainting costs.

As specialists in property washing, maintenance and care, JT Group utilises the latest technology combined with sustainable practices to provide the most professional site solutions services, nationwide.

Cleaning smarter, cleaning safer

Our Pure water, spot free, window cleaning system allows windows to be cleaned safely from the ground by extending a specialist telescopic carbon fibre pole to the necessary working height.

Making it easy for our clients

We are committed to making it easy for our clients to keep their property looking its best. We can help you to fulfill your responsibilities by ensuring we are diligent with our record keeping, we provide you with all the information you need to fulfill your duties and we conscientiously follow all your health and safety procedures while we are on your property.

Summit™ Building Wash Technologies – a New Zealand first

JT Group are industry leaders when it comes to safety with our automated cleaning technology - transforming the way buildings are cleaned. Exclusive to JT Group, the Summit™ machines are remotely controlled and operated safely from the roof and the ground.

Machine configurations with patented brush and spray technology are available to clean a variety of building types and facade surfaces.


Efficient: The Summit™ system is faster and more efficient than manual cleaning - up to 3 x faster in side-by-side comparisons. This means you can clean your buildings and windows in one process.

Safe: Eliminates the need to put workers at risk. The same crew can now safely operate the Summit™ system remotely - from the ground.

Green: The Summit™ system uses pure water systems for a streak-free, spot free clean to buildings and windows and doesn’t require harsh soaps or chemicals.

Waterless Cleaning Systems

JT Group are proud to be the first in New Zealand to introduce a revolutionary waterless exterior and interior cleaning system. Our groundbreaking dry clean system uses a simple spray-and-wipe method to restore a factory-new look to any exterior or interior surface.

With no water needed, our product eliminates the hassle of waste water management, leaving nothing down the drain. This makes our service ideal for internal specialist stores as we are able to clean within a space where electrics and sensors are present.

Our system is ideal for bakeries, cool stores and commercial kitchens. As well as surfaces such as awnings, signages and walkways. There is currently nothing in the New Zealand market that can clean as well as our solution.

JT Group has developed extensive expertise in rope access and abseiling techniques. Our abseil team can reach almost any location, cleaning effectively in confined and restricted spaces to maintain your valuable property. We utilise the pure water system when possible to enhance results.

Proven Experience, Safety First

Health and safety is of prime importance to ensure jobs are completed safely for ourselves and everyone we work with.

Our team all have IRAANZ/IRATA certification and vast experience in achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficulty.

Exterior Building Washing

Concrete solutions

After a deep clean, entranceways, dockways and pathways will be looking their best, but to keep them looking like new, DualGuard concrete sealing and waterproofing treatments are a fantastic way to protect these areas from staining and marking, making them easy to clean and maintain.

The DualGuard concrete sealer is an environmentally friendly and durable treatment applied to concrete surfaces that sets within 6 hours of application. The treatment seals and protects the concrete, providing long-term adhesion coupled with exceptional durability

The texture of the concrete is retained with sealing, and the addition of a fine anti-slip finish additive gives improved slip resistance. In addition the hydrophobic nature of the treatment repels any dirt and build-up of contaminants, keeping concrete surfaces cleaner for longer and saving money long term.

JT Group are the Australasian distributors for Protocol Products with InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology. These products are a revolutionary new line of eco-friendly, chemical products used to permanently waterproof, protect & preserve concrete and other cement-based materials.

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